Borboleta was founded on the belief that everyone has an intrinsic beauty that comes from just being different – unique – you.


Since day one, Borboleta has been raising the bar with the highest quality hand-made extensions that artists rely on and clients can’t get enough of. It’s no wonder their award-winning lashes are the industry’s go-to. Lush, dense and crazy soft, these are the faux mink classic lashes you know and love. They have an ultra-luxe feel, with clean tips and the perfect curl that won’t quit. The intensely saturated, rich, clean black shade pops on eyes, and our iconic satin-matte finish is just right—not too dull, not too shiny.

The Three Main Types of Lash Extensions:


Classic lash extensions are the most common and natural-looking eyelash extensions. They’re applied in a 1:1 ratio which means 1 eyelash extension is glued to 1 natural eyelash. It is not possible to place an extension where there isn’t a natural lash!

Classic lashes are great for you if you have a lot of natural eyelashes and want to add more length.

The application process typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours and the result would be beautiful, natural-looking eyelashes. However, if you have fewer eyelashes, you should not go for classic eyelash extensions.


If you want to add both length and volume to your eyelashes but don’t want the dramatic look of volume extensions, you should go for hybrid lash extensions.

Hybrid Lashes are simply a combination of classic as well as volume lash extensions. When you choose hybrid eyelash extensions, you get the best of both worlds without the dramatic look of volume lashes.


If you are not blessed with beautiful, voluminous lashes, then volume lash extensions might be the perfect solution for you. Volume lash extensions provide incredible fullness and also last longer than classic lash extension. These lashes are thinner; hence, multiple lashes can be applied to one single natural eyelash.

Volume lashes are great for you if you have few eyelashes, have gaps in your lash line, want fuller looking lashes and/or want a more glamorous and dramatic look.

The application process typically takes 2 to 3 hours and the result would be thick, dramatic eyelashes.

*A lash removal and new full application will be required for any new guest with existing lash extensions applied at a different establishment.

It is our salon policy to require a credit card on file to reserve a future visit. Don’t worry, its safe and encrypted! No-shows & late cancellations within a 24 hour window will automatically be charged 50% of the service cost.




Classic Lash Full Application
Classic Lash Fill (Two Weeks)
Classic Lash Fill (Three Weeks)
Hybrid Lash Full Application
Hybrid Lash Fill (Two Weeks)
Hybrid Lash Fill (Three Weeks)
Volume Lash Full Application now available!
Volume Lash Fill (Two Weeks) now available!
Volume Lash Fill (Three Weeks) now available!
Lash Removal
*Service discounts not valid on any Borboleta Lash Extension services